What We learned At @zimhiphopsummit

What We learned At @zimhiphopsummit

on the sidelines of the summit with the Nyamz

Zim Hip Hop summit is an annual one day workshop where stakeholders in the hip hop fraternity and music experts come together to discuss the current state of hip hop and what can be done to grow the genre to the next stage. Founders are Plot Mhako from Jibilika and Darryl Nyamustamba Entertainment reporter, entrepreneur and former Editor of the SA Hip Hop Magazine they bring in experts from different fields to come up with competitive and creative ideas to grow the genre , this year being no different we attended and I was a panellist.

Post Production
Most rappers have good songs which have never been heard by the masses, good songs die without post production strategy. Making dope songs in the studio is great  but that is only the first part of production. Imagine if Coke just made their product to stack up in the shelves and you knew nothing about it, would you buy it? So why are rappers expecting people to listen to their music if they don’t know about it? How can fans access the music from the artists? Distribution of music is the main problem, most people in Zimbabwe use whatsApp to access the internet , we need to flood the market with content in kombis and food courts ects going where the people are . It’s about time we heavily invest in public relations and aggressive marketing of the music .

Music Business
Most rappers haven’t taken this as a business, what is a business? A business is anything you do for the purpose of making money. We need to come up a with business model on how to get money and profits in the music circles. Which are the avenues for making money in music besides performance? Mono Mukundu talked about the famous poor people, having people know you but you’re broke . Shingai, the founder of Punchline Media talked about building a team to grow the brand and music promotions. The Mumhanzi Media founder talked about the strategy and headwork needed to grow  the music industry, he said music doesn’t speak on it’s own someone has to hype the music and act .How you use your social media presence and being content yourself and engage other users ,besides posting about music show your human side to the people they like that .Mumhanzi said most rappers are not hungry enough to break the barriers and status quo .

Lady K was a moderator  Zim Hip Hop summit 


The bible says the a house divided against it’s self will not stand .We haven’t come together with unity of purpose for the good of the game , what have you done to uplift hip hop which will not benefit you but greater good of the culture?Misred said it’s time we squash the unnecessary beefs and work together to grow the culture .Bigger artists have to put on the younger acts to grow we need other guys putting on the younger acts under their wing to mentor and open doors for them and became bridges. Why should a younger artist struggle with what  veterans have conquered.


Panelist express the power of hip hop




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