The Realest in the Game

The Realest in the Game

MC Chita has been rocking the airwaves for quite some time now. He is known for his A listed rap game and his famous bars. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions about himself. This is what he had to say for himself…

Tell us, how do you define yourself? What is your defining moment?

I would describe myself as a man with big ambitions and great life goals. I am someone who is not easily satisfied and I always strive to get more out of myself. I really don’t have a defining moment or I haven’t had one. One might say I have had several moments but I guess I am still waiting for something bigger.

What is your Hip-hop story? When did you get hooked to the game?

Well, my story begins way back before I was ten years old. I was actually into break dancing but this white kid asked me if I knew how to rap. I remember I failed to rap because I didn’t really know anyone’s lyrics at the time and I didn’t even think of writing anything myself. The kid the did some bars from some song and I felt ashamed that he could actually do something which was(in my own opinion), a black man’s area of expertise. With that, it got me working on my rhymes not knowing that this kid was reciting some Kriss Kross bars and it continued from there.

Flash forward a few years, I was finishing my Form 1 and I entered a talent show held at Vainona High School. Long story short, I rocked the crowd in my very first live performance and lost my virginity that same night. It was then when I realized this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Performing, that is…

Mind you, it was not the sex that got me hooked but it was the feeling I felt when I opened my eyes and saw a room of over 200 people rocking and responding to my performance. That feeling is one of the most powerful feeling ever.

Mc Chita

There are a lot of genres out there, why did you decide to go for Hip-hop?

I have always identified with Hip-hop comparing to other genres which were popular when I was growing up. R’n’B was way too soft, country music was way too…country and Heavy metal was just too noisy. Hip-hop now, was something I could hear, understand, translate, picture, and bond with. I like to define Hip-hop as the culture of self expression because no other genre of music gives you room to express yourself thoroughly.

What distinguishes you from other Zimbabwean rappers?

I like to believe that my goals with music, what I am trying to achieve, separates me from other rappers. I discovered that a lot of people in the industry are comfortable with being number one in their city or hood. I want the number one spot worldwide. Like I said, I am very ambitious.

What have you done differently that makes you stand out?

I have always tried to push my boundaries. I don’t stay in one lane but I explore as many different options and boundaries with my music. I love experimenting. I love getting out of my comfort zone. A lot of rappers find a lane and stick to it, kudos to them. I, however, love the fact that I am able to be very versatile with my flow.

What advice can you give to the upcoming artists?

My advice would be that they should push boundaries as far as possible. Your limit is not the sky but beyond it….


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