The Mover and Shaker Muchanyara Cynthia Mukamuri

The Mover and Shaker Muchanyara Cynthia Mukamuri

Muchanyara is a mature, seasoned development worker who is a holder of Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Development studies and has more than 15 years in development work. She has worked for both local and International NGOs. She has worked for a Community Working Group on Health coordinating public health activities in the Midlands. She joined Concern Worldwide where she was exposed to all forms of programming in disadvantaged communities in response to shock as a result of lack of rain and poor harvest. While with Concern Worldwide she worked in advancing the empowerment of women and girls in relation to HIV and AIDS using the Gender and right lenses. She was also exposed to WASH and Livelihoods programming while with Concern Worldwide.  Muchanyara later joined Rafiki girls where She worked to rehabilitate girls from difficult circumstances through empowering the girls who could not continue with formal education by equipping them with life skills to survive and fit in the society through skills training, counselling adhering to Christian ethics. Muchanyara later joined Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV as an Executive Director where she left foot prints through advocacy work , economic empowerment of PLHIV through IGAs, and earned respect in the Development industry. She is currently the head of the organisation of Young Women Christian Association with the emphasis of economic empowerment through skills training.


●  Her project/program management skills where sharpened through   consultancy jobs, carrying out the baseline surveys, mid -term and end of term evaluation for various organisations. While in between jobs.

●   The research skills gained proved to be very helpful in running programmes.

●   In her consultancy jobs, she specialised in HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, WASH and Livelihoods.

●   Muchanyara has a wealthy of experience in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes. She has led teams that successfully made desired positive changes in the community where she worked.

●   She is also equipped with skills of managing both human and financial resources. She is a hard worker, strategic thinker, team builder goal oriented, determined, proactive and flexible professional who respects people from all walks of life.

●   She has worked with people in their diversity   especially women and girls including young men and wishes to see everyone enjoying their freedoms in a respectful and accountable society.


Being a woman entails?

“The perfect work of God privileged to nurture life from a delicate form to adulthood with the ability to love warmly unconditionally, teaches heartily, forgives easily, leads firmly and objectively, truthfully tell stories, with an enabling environment she reaches her full potential, hard working to achieve results. A woman endures pain and long-suffering not easily broken, strong and is very emotional and sensitive to her environment.”

What should women do?

Women need to change their mindset, claim their space, be innovative in their thinking and support one another for progressive development

What are you passionate about?

My Passion is working with women in their diversity, training, empowering them to stand in what they believe in, for women in control of their lives, reach their full potential, encouraging them to demand accountability, claiming their entitlements without undermining anyone and living a fulfilling life.

Her work has changed lives of many young Zimbabwean women, coupled with her passion and charisma, Muchanyara has proven to be a movement. Standing and advocating for women is a courageous feat to say but a sober word and when great people like Muchanyara dedicate themselves we have a our very own gem. We know are reassured that there is a chance for disdvantaged women to rise from the squalor. We appreciate and no words can show the gratitude for such great work and commitment.


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