The Life of Age Mcsoul

The Life of Age Mcsoul


Anesu Godo better known as AGE McSoul was born in Bulawayo and raised in Bindura. He comes from a Christian family where he was taught the value of prayer and fasting at an early age. His childhood is interesting beacuse he was moulded by a community, friends from different cultures and beliefs systems helped in shaping his character. His high level of maturity made him the voice of reason to his age mates and friends. He was also an outstanding student.

Musical Influences

He got more exposure by performing at High school talent shows and variety shows in which he always won the hearts of the audience with versatility and charismatic enormous energy. Being in a choir at church and high school also helped to influence his career path. Growing up in the ghetto which was a kaleidoscope of music he was introduced to different genres of music. He eased himself into Dancehall, Pop, Gospel, and Hip-hop.

Early studio works and discography

His first studio recorded song was in 2009 but never saw the light of day. In 2010 He set off as comet in his hometown with “My Style remix“, which featured Bone Tee. After a couple of single releases, AGE made an EP with a producer called Elbrezzy titled Mafaro Atanga in 2014, which saw his name leapfrog from being big in Bindura to be part of national hip hop conversations. In 2016 he released a 12 track Album From Second Tier that followed up with 3 city tours around Zimbabwe.

Future Plans

“Right now I am working with a couple of big producers in Zimbabwe and we will be releasing some singles leading towards an Ep or Mixtape. I have featured in a couple of short stories and I would love to add acting to my resume. Collaborations will be very important coupled with some shows for my fans. I owe it to them, beacause without them there would be no Age Mcsoul.”l


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