That’s Who I Am, #abouthatghettolife

That’s Who I Am, #abouthatghettolife

We know these places , we have all heard different names , ghetto , hood , pajecha all those funny names and we live this culture .How did we come to have these places , well during the colonial times these were residential places for black people .The name makes you who you are , that is if you are from the ghetto .If you haven’t been to a ghetto , then I must say you haven’t experienced one of the most controversial,awe inspiring and motivating places the universe has to offer .I’m not talking about the AMERICAN HOOD, those televised ghetto’s, with guns ,drugs , gangs , unwanted pregnancies, bad educational systems and crime is literally the core of livelihood.I’m talking about the  ghetto life were your neighbour knows everything about you , it’s filled with the gossip ladies , the comedians and there is always that one dog that feeds from everyone’s rubbish bins .I mean that place were you have street parties aka pasa pasa , the slay queens ,GHETTO YOUTHS , and one Madzibaba you just won’t believe saw the light .Enough talk about the people’s drama .I won’t say much some  you know I’m not H-metro but I want to talk about how United people are , in times of funerals and one can’t really go with an empty stomach cause yes I said it groceries are that cheap plus all that  urban farming going around .

Ghetto Experience

To my surprise we still and will always have PEOPLE ASHAMED to be called ghetto , own that name , own your throne , that is who you are so don’t be ashamed , I have witnessed fights because of such name calling , the criticism is harsh and really lowers one’s self esteem especially in the teenage years, imagine growing up with a mentality that tells you “I’m a failure ,poor and I have no future or opportunity ” , but I have risen above this and I have  learned to wear that crown proudly , because ghetto is what’s up right now , living in such a place defines who we are yes , even if you run there is always going to be an element that reveals you. Stop running and SAY IT LOUD “I came from the ghetto , I still live in the ghetto ” I have noticed that 70% of the people have a mindset that being in the ghetto means you are poor. If you ask most people to define a ghetto they will most probably reply poverty , sewage, in need of gentrification , unemployed youths.

Behind Stories

Yes that’s just our boring country’s governance not the people. I know for sure we got people pulling up with cars that will leave you shocked. The attitude towards education is unbelievable really, the youths are so eager to be entrepreneurs I know one young man Abel Muchina and a lady who started clubs just to make the ghetto life even more exciting and very healthy.There have been successful campaigns that have had great impact on the elderly and youths .I have noticed that most political parties have such a large crowd in ghettos and those people are passionate for whatever team they are playing for, not because of the freebies or money. I have seen rallies and the regalia is insane. Unfortunately most ghettos have inadequate water supply so most people have resorted to wells and boreholes .


I came back again to say the people are passionate about their lifestyle, the music .We have the likes of Cal_vin the Ndebele hip hop rapper, he literally points out that he is from Luveve, Winky D representing Kambuzuma, Dhadza and the upcoming talent Enzo ishall. Talking about talent; the dance groups , the art and poetry  all  tell aa captivating story . It’s exciting how fashionable ghetto people are , I mean they are creating their own trends . The different shoelaces to the cutout t-shirt with spray paint , very fashionable. I love the way they uphold cultural dishes like mutakura, mhunga and madhonza etc . I’m pretty sure the ice lolo was invented in the ghetto .These are the little things that make any ghetto , a special place .


We cannot talk about how the ghetto has promoted the informal sector which has tremendously had an influence in employment; it’s literally the backbone of the economy right now.Next time somebody tries to bring out the negatives of a ghetto remind them what a ghetto is , remind them of the unity , the talent and lastly be proud of it , hashtag it on your next post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, #chitungwiza #highfield #kambuzuma #warrenpark#Dzivarasekwa #kuwadzana #Mfombi #Luveve etc


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