Social Media  Tips

Social Media Tips

Coming the rise of digitalization, social media is deeply embedded in our lives that we are naturally compelled to document every experience on virtual platforms. It is of imperative importance that brands and artists, understand a few things about how to navigate and communicate with an audience. Focusing on the top three social media platforms there is, Facebook that reonates its strength on numbers, Twitter which thrives with thought leaders and Instagram which is a picturesque extension of facebook for highend users.

How to post on Instagram?

Instagram users work with visuals and story telling through images/videos, captioned with relative information, hash tags and current social media lingo.
Upload photos and videos from your events, shows, daily life on the go. Use hashtags to join conversations and get your photos discovered. Build your following using engaging imagery and relevant hashtags.

How to post on Facebook?

Facebook users engage mostly with video content (also descriptive worded content) so upload video content on Facebook whenever you can. Facebook engagement also depends on frequency and consistency.

Create a business page for you/your business/your band/your community.
Post updates on what you’re doing and thinking about.
Post photos and upload videos to your page. Promote posts for a wider reach
Build up your following by starting conversations with your followers on your page.

How to post on Twitter?

Twitter users engage mostly with short, relevant statements and questions accompanied by visually stimulating photos or short videos.
Post short updates about what you’re doing/thinking/reading/listening to.
Post photos and short videos of your shows and events.
Join conversations by using hashtags and talking about relevant stories.
Joining more conversations will get your name out there more and make you more discoverable. Twitter has given micro blogging a new age of storytelling through threads and propagates a wider reach through retweets and likes.

These platforms have given birth to virtual globalization. The world is literally at the tips of our fingers, from one keyboard to the other. There are many more other social media platforms that connects everyone in the global village, opening corridors toopportunities, endorsments, agressive marketing and thriving in a capitalist world. Its the dawn of digitalization, the world is your oyster.


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