Seh Calaz The Bold One

Seh Calaz The Bold One

We had a chance to sit-down with one of Zimdancehall’s firebrands. A ghetto champion, a man who has entered the industry with controversy who has stood tall with best with talent backing him and hard work.

Being a ghetto kid and breaking out of the norms, how difficult is it to stay on top?

  It’s not easy to stay on top once you get there. It’s one thing to get there and another to stay there. You have to be determined and focused and above all work hard. There is no substitute for hard work.

Seh Calaz, what has been the most difficult thing you have faced so far as a dancehall artist?

  It’s hard to point to one thing. There are a lot of challenges that I have faced but nothing I guess is as discouraging as having cold water being poured on your efforts by people who only survive to criticise and never compliment. I have a thick skin but others might struggle to handle the amount of negativity in the industry. There is a lot of ‘pull him down’ syndrome.

Besides music, what else do you enjoy doing?

  This might come as a shock but I love watching my Nigerian movies. Most of my spare time though I spend with family and friends but to be honest most of the time I will be working.

What is your musical highlight as an artist, personal high level?

Being able to reach a stage where I can share what I have with others given where I’m coming from with my career is bigger than other personal achievements I have. It would be amiss to miss saying having a collaboration with a top name like Turbulence that became a hit is also a key highlight.

  Yala Nation studios is a continuation of my ‘giving back to the community’ initiatives that have been happening for sometime now. I’m just playing my small part in empowering the next generation so that they fulfill their dreams.

You have been doing a lot of charity work in recent days, is it something close to your heart?

  I was raised in a giving family and my mother bequeathed the spirit of compassion to me. I have been doing charity works for years now. So it’s something close to my heart.

What’s your favorite spot to hangout?

  I love being in the ghetto with the ghetto youths, especially my ghetto, Mbare.

You have pushed more visuals. How have you embraced the digital world and how can upcoming artist harness this medium to their advantage?

  The world has become digital. It’s the present and indeed the future so we must have a digital presence because the people we sing for are there as well. In other nations, people can sell their work through digital platforms and really benefit from it. In Zimbabwe, we need to catch up.

What can your fans expect from you this year?

  We will keep working hard to please our fans and I’m sure there will be something for them before the year ends. Thanks to all those that support the movement. I am nothing without you.


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