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Mumhanzi Media is a media company is a driving force in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Music Promotions, Artist Management, Social Media Consulting and Content Creation.

This company was formed in 2016. This was birthed out of a realisation that artists did not have enough knowledge on how to handle management in the music industry. We help artists achieve recognition across the country and internationally. The best part is that we are your old time publicist with a digital touch. Embracing the new, without neglecting the old.

Having seen success in our PR campaigns, we decided to venture into artist management. Most artists do not have proper representation. Mumhanzi Media saw this as an opportunity to expand their service range. We provide management to artists across all genres.

Mumhanzi Media seeks to foster change in the life of artists and celebrities especially in their image; how they are perceived by the public. We create brand images for their artists so that they can be attractive to their fans, corporations and the general public. As part of the process, we run social media platforms on behalf of artists so as to publicise their work and image.

Mumhanzi Media does music promotions for their artists on Radio and across all our social media platforms. We facilitate and arrange radio interviews and social media marketing on their renowned Mumhanzi Media pages and handles across all networks.

We also upload our client’s music to Zim Music Store. They are one of our official partners among others. Recently, we have started uploading mixes, collaborating with a local DJ on Zim Music Store under the name ‘Mumhanzi Mix’. This is another expansion in our services, to help get music to the people as well as provide awesome playlists for the people’s listening pleasure.

Mumhanzi Media amplifies the voice of our clients and make their story more appealing to the public and media. Mumhanzi Media is a step towards better management, creativity and a professional outlook to the music business.


Helping three unknown talents break out in a year. We are helping them get more exposure in Zimbabwe and across the continent. We have run successful PR campaigns for shows and artists which were featured in the newspapers, radio as well as on television.

PR for syfo fame on his album

Afrow Zenda

We have facilitated for Micheal Chiunda to be interviewed by an American based hip hop podcast


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