#OKGC19: 5 Star Entertainment

#OKGC19: 5 Star Entertainment

Ever since we were kids, there is one irrevocable constant that has remained solid and unwavering in Zimbabwe. The awesome, first of its kind, the prodigious OK Grand Challenge! Giving shoppers the best shopping experience, a chance to win 50k cash and a Nissan Navara Double cab!

It’s Draw day tomorrow and it is the most exciting social event of the year, packed with all kinds of family friendly activities. The traditional horse race, as people filled with adrenalin, root for the stallion closest to the finishing line. Coupled with awesome local music performances with Winky Dee and Gemma headlining the event with their smash hit single Mugarden .
Emajeni iwe ne mhuri yako mahwina .

This year the ultimate winner will walk away with a Double Cab Nissan Navara and 50k cash to 25 lucky winners!
What to expect at the OK Grand Challenge entertainment value is an epic performance from 5 local music artists.


Winky Dee
This man needs no introduction to the Zimbabwean music scene and party lovers. A Performer extraordinaire, we are guaranteed to dance our socks off as the Ninja
president hits the stage. His catalogue spans from a decade, which means he will entertain the young and old alike. With his hit single Mugardeni, we  eagerly anticipate a great show from him and Gemma.

Killer Tee
I remember when Killer Tee made a crossover record with Makarova Gunaz and he has never  looked back but consistently comes with a new hit every year. His stage presence has matured with time, leaving his fans yeaning for more. He has rocked radio waves with Chikorombo  “Mangwana toda kufara nevanhu and nekuti OK ndeye vanhu”

Seh Calaz
Mubhanditi boss has reinvented his career from the king of diss records to a stable and more lovable
artist. Known for his amazing vocal prowess and his stage work with Convict’s band that will definitely stir the crowd.

We the music lovers have always known Gemma when she merged with Musarove Bigman edition and
we were shocked with the mind blowing vocal control and soulfulness . Gemma’s stock has continued to raise after the hit song with Winky Dee Mugardeni. Here is a fun fact: Gemma always performs bare footed! A true representation of Eve in the Graden of Eden.

Jah Signal
Mr Stonyeni as much as he has massive crossover appeal with his songs . This man has mastered the
art of leaving the crowd awe struck with his electrifying performances.  He has a signature gravity defying jump which will leave mothers clutching their pearls and young ones galloping with excitement.

Here is to the Count down of the OK Grand Challenge! Where everbody is winner. Be there or you will be left wanting. Rendezvous at the Borrowdale Race Course from 8am. Until then, shop at OK. The best shopping experience.


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