Music Distribution in Zimbabwe

Music Distribution in Zimbabwe


Music To People

Products have to move from the manufacturers to consumers to complete the process of commerce. Music is no different; from the studio to the listeners. There has to be a chain. This used to be straight forward. In the times gone we used to have Record companies, but there are not nearly as prevalent or influential as they used to be. We have the internet and its distribution channels such as YouTube , sound cloud and whatsApp .

The Zimbabwean music market is very complex, when compared to others countries that have a fully functioning industry. With all the facets interacting and evolving together, one has to know and practice some of the simple tricks that we have found or created. You would go and apply them on your road to success. After you have defined your target audience, you need to know how to reach them in this digital age Distribution.



Nowadays, we have music publishers who can place your music on paying platforms like iTunes, Google play, tidal and Spotify. We can talk about these later or you use this link. In Zimbabwe about 5.5 million people use whatsApp which makes it the biggest distribution channel. This gives access to the people better than of other option, numbers don’t lie, right? Of course not, they don’t.

How can a new artist move his music without an option to tracking its returns? Create a group chat. When you send your tracks, make sure they are accompanied by your group link so you know who is following your music and then turn those new guys as marketers. You have to ask other people to join the group. Now that you have a whatsApp group be very interactive, share the little moves with them also ask for advice be a real person forget the fame you need the crowd to move together with you on your road to stardom.



YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. People in Zimbabwe use this platforms the most. It still beats me, with data cost people still use it [downloading music using vidmate via mobile and other pc apps] so its imperative to get your music in such platforms . You also need other Channels which are used use to promote music these will help get your name out there because they have built a following and trusted by users.

You need to not only chase views but subscribers’ as give your group link on whatsApp place the YouTube link inside for those who don’t prefer group interaction ask them subscribe to your channel. When you have worked your account now monetize the account so that you can have a retain of the money you have spent building your channel , remember it’s not a sprint but a marathon one subscriber at a time when building the platform it will pay in the end don’t give up .



People usual go there for new music and discovering new artist it favours the new guys new guys, also your profile can be linked to social media platforms which makes it easy for people to follow you and became fans of your craft so link your accounts and place your email address there so people know that you’re accessible that’s all I am going to say about.

Zim Music Store

Zim Music Store now ranks second to YouTube on the search engines if someone searches for, let’s say “Zimbabwe music.” You need to get your music on such a platform because if someone clicks a tag like dancehall or hip hop it takes them to all the hip hop and dancehall tracks around which works in your favour. We have Gumi, whose new single Chitsverure has hit more than 1k downloads that’s like 800 percent more than he received from other platforms mentioned before. Meaning can get an analytical report of who has downloaded and where. Now people can also buy music using local payments solutions make it the best partner to build your career with. So I argue to email or submit your tracks now.


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