Music Business Secrets

Music Business Secrets

I know how hard you guys work and I, for one applaud your efforts. However, there are some key beneficial points that you should know. Firstly a song(s) only contribute a small percentage towards making you a bankable act. Now let me dive deeper, this is only for people that want to eat off of their talent and here are a few guidelines that have proved effective for some notable artists.

1. Art is Not a Hobby Have a plan before you go to the studio or book a session and ask yourself why you are going to record? What is the next step? Find structure and routine to get the scope of your bearings. For every move that you make concerning your art let it be planned, e.g. If you want to drop a single or an album. Have a precise plan of how you are going to go about it don’t just drop a song and send it to your friends only to get a “Yo dude, your song is ???”, you can’t turn that into money.

2. Define Your Goals Outline them. Write your short and long term goals. Writing them down will help you keep track of your progress and give you a sense of direction.

3. Brand Yourself I can’t stress this enough. This is what separates professionalism and amateurism. To help you, answer these following questions; what message are you trying to communicate with the public? Who are you targeting? How or what methods are you going to implement to relay the message? Which channel of communication are you going to be using? (Most people have used the internet to launch careers and control their narratives.) How do you want to be perceived as? People see what you want them to see. Create a storyline like 50 Cent former drug dealer and Winky Dee the ghetto boy with a dream. Let people understand your vision.

4. Your Image Although brand and image go hand in hand but I would like to them address separately. To land cooperate endorsements and deals; position yourself strategically to determine your affiliations. Social networks play a vital role by paving your career path and tempo of success. Clean your image; be weary of what you post on your social media because you never know who is watching. Majority of your work, especially photos make sure they are of good quality (H.D). 5. Add value to your craft Invest in yourself. Take time to study from people who have made it. We have the internet, search & learn from success stories. One thing artist fail miserably is leaving someone to do the reading for them and watching ciphers and videos which is a good thing but you must also understand the story behind the glory. How someone navigated the industry and which doors were shut and opened for them.

6. Consistency Be consistent about the message you want to communicate with people. Remember your fans start off random anonymous people that you need to win over. Show them that you’re in this for the long haul and earn their support as you chase your dream.

7. Prepare for Criticism Criticism will always come, positive and negative; ready yourself. Remember with every mistake you learn & with every correction you improve. Egoism has ruined many talented artists than anything else I know. One bad song doesn’t result in a bad career; take the criticism with a grain of salt.

8. Build a Team Around you Get even one person that will help you navigate. Because two are better than one and there is better reward for labor. A team helps in decision making and provides a solid support system with a guarantee for success. Who has done it alone and thrived? You need people around you to succeed in this industry?

9. Learn to Network You can only do so much on your own, but there are influential people that can help and elevate you. Networks will open doors that you have never imagined even in your wildest dreams.

10. Use Social Media The world has become a global village, with the right hashtags & social media promotions; the world is your oyster. Make sure your content is vibey & engaging. Be human and interactive on social platforms so people can relate to you and not just as an artist but as a person. In conclusion, work hard and don’t stress you got this.


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