Mumhanzi Mix 4
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Mumhanzi Mix 4

Mumhanzi Media and DJ Quincy have decided to make a collective effort to create collection of mixes for Zim Hip Hop fans, in the form of Mumhanzi Mix. This was one of the grassroots means by which Zim Hip Hop was distributed in its infancy.

The mixes of that time where put onto CDs or placed on website. The downturn of this method was primarily due to unreliable internet connections. The country’s internet is slightly better now. There has never been a better time to be making Hip Hop in Zimbabwe than right now.

With all the negative connotations and criticism that the genre constantly faces, it is easy to ignore the incredible feats that it is also achieving. Mumhanzi Media is well known for its engagements in Zim Hip Hop, hence its collaboration with one of the hottest DJs in the capital, DJ Quincy is set bring fireworks.

About DJ Quincy

DJ Quincy has done mixes around the country and in South Africa. He is also a Resident DJ at a local club. DJ Quincy has joined forces with Mumhanzi Media to make weekly mixdowns to set a pace in Zim Hip Hop.

This is a one of a kind collabo that is set to make waves across the country and beyond the borders. These mixes will be uploaded on the Zim Music Store and SoundCloud every Friday. This is the debut set. Bookmark this page. As new sets become available at the end of each week, we will add them to this page. That’s 4 mixes for you to listen to every single month.

Depending on when you are reading this, there may be one mix below or a few mixes. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. What you think matters, if we are to build a genre that you as a fan or artist can buy into and contribute to.

Our Goal
The goal is to showcase new music that is making waves on the club circuit, as well as songs that are buzzing on the radio. As Zim Music Store, we are committed to investing in artists, and artistry as much as possible.

The genre is desperate for committed stakeholders. Our hand is up, to be one of those. Updates of these mixes will be posted on Mumhanzi Media’s official Twitter page @MumhanziMedia under the hashtag #MumhanziMix. This initiative is set to take Zim Hip Hop to the next level. Great things are expected from this collaboration.

If you would like your music to be considered for some of these mixes, hit Mumhanzi Media up via Twitter or email.

Download the mix or stream it here. It is absolutely free. Zim Hip Hop to the world. Mumhanzi kuvanhu! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Mumhanzi Mix



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