Mondays really suck if you ask me, I mean who in this world loves the day we have to wake up and slave away after a laid back or debauchery filled weekend? That tiring feeling that we have to drag ourselves through the day. Well, there are some tips I have that can help you through your day.

1.  Have a killer playlist.

Music is therapeutic and energizing. Have motivational songs, with a lot of upbeats, for example, EDM or Hip hop. These can help you get in that I-can-take-over-the-world mood. Music pushes away all the lethargic and negative energy away. It elevates your spirits so you can take on the week in no time. And please, never forget your earphones!

2.  Make a review of last week’s work.

Getting into last week’s work can get you in the mood to work. Catching up on last week’s work may sound tiring, but it gives you an insight of what you are supposed to do. And through reviewing, you can always pick up from where you left off.

3.  Schedule your work, always.

Scheduled work is always easy to go through. It helps you do things in time and also it avoids delays on various tasks. Trust me, you don’t want any delays on a Monday.

4.  End your day with a caption.

After a long day at work and you are finally done with everything. Take a really good picture of yourself and hashtag it and post it up just for that feel good vibe. Mondays are never easy and with the day over, you just feel like you have made it. So take a picture, post it online and smile away the blues.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile. Yes, it’s a Monday, but somehow your smile can just make someone’s day and tones that monday beast down. So don’t let the Monday blues get to you. Tackle monday like a qaurterback on steroids!

Killer Playlist


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