Meet the Varseitle: Tino Matz

Meet the Varseitle: Tino Matz

How do you introduce yourself?

Tino Matz is an upcoming multi-genre artist with a lot of potential that has to be maximized as far as the music is concerned, Currently working on a project titled Supply and Demand dropping later this year and it’s a project that is also meant to contribute in introducing my craft because a lot of people still  don’t know about the gift I have and only time and the project will do the telling.

How did you start music?

My first ever recording was back in High School, where I recorded a few tracks with a couple of friends then I, later on, decided to drop my own tracks, which were about 4 and they sounded good as far as lyrics and content but the quality was not that good due to the studio I used. It is in 2011 where I realize that I could make music and also that I had some sort of potential but still I was not really serious as I was just doing it as an occasional hobby

 What does music mean to you?

Music means a lot to me because that is my gateway to another world when this world we live in gets overwhelming, It’s a very powerful tool and being given the ability to be able to create music with different sounds is really an honor that God has done for me and other musicians out there

What brings you more joy? Performance or studio work?

I would say both, more like a 50/50 balance because the joy in the studio and that joy that comes from being on stage are two different experiences. The differences bring different sides to me and I appreciate both sides

Being a new voice what should Zimbabweans music lover look forward to?

Consistency backed up by quality music with a lot of options since they will be a lot of multi-genre fuses in the music I will be releasing as well as a couple of videos too, to extend my horizon and  audience reach

Three things the world doesn’t know about you?

I don’t like avocados

If I take too long to make a song, it never sounds great

I believe in Jesus

Tell us about the upcoming Ep?

The EP is titled Supply & Demand and it’s a singles collection project consisting of 7 singles which will be dropped respectively throughout the year. The dominating theme is afro-fusion and it has a rollercoaster of songs that will get your blood running fast on the dancefloor


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