Law of Alternate

Law of Alternate

When other social media platforms were shut down in Zimbabwe a new alternate in the social media game emerged for Zimbabweans.Telegram wasn’t new but it was irrelevant because people usually use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. What people need from social media is to be able to connect, engage and interact. Everyone was creating groups and joining them. Most people complain because of lack of brand recognition and awareness but we can all learn from that one hit wonder  . Three things your brand should be doing while not yet in the limelight


Be Ready To Blow (Build Capacity)

While we were busy on our favorite social media sites these guys were honing in on their skills in silence. You should be working on how to handle media, how to answer questions and doing the 10000 hours. Prove to people you’re worth their time and money. Build a brand that will amaze people  when they found out about it,make them feel like they have been missing out and this can be a feature in their daily routine. Remember who you are, why you’re doing it and who are you doing it for. A business is never started for a profit but to serve a need. Are you able to serve that need? Read everything you can find out about your brand ,what has made the best people the best , why is that guy paid more than the other guys , who has a cosign which is worth a lot.


Brand your Brand

What makes aqua fresh the alternate to Colgate is branding , Fanta to Coke , Castle to Lion sometimes it’s okay to be second or third best provided that you can change the market’s perception  about you . Brand your gift well,yes see yourself as a business even though you are just an artist or a dancer.Branding  can save you from exploitation from unscrupulous people in the business world.



Get Online

Telegram went online and waited for people to come and they did come in their numbers. What does being online mean to your business and your brand? You have to get there. For Mumhanzi Media being online means to access setting up that client to get more recognition or more booking and endorsements deal. When you have answered this question it means you’re ready to be the alternate which people will find ready to deliver or work.



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