@jechakoso  On Gender Based Violence In Entertainment Sector

@jechakoso On Gender Based Violence In Entertainment Sector

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How can we have 16 Days of Activism against Gender based Violence on women and girls without mentioning the case of the Women and Girls in the Arts Industry . According to a survey I did last year (2017 ) 95 % of the women I interacted with encountered sexual harassment at first hand and it was experienced more than 3 times unfortunately the victims were afraid to tell their stories in fear of being alienated by the Industry which is male dominated .



We also witness psychological violence on women and girls in the Arts Industry and it takes many forms it include to be coerced into behaviors they did not want such as shooting pornography or doing drugs , defamation of character, verbal insults and harassment . If you refuse to go along with the perpetrator’s wishes economic violence can follow as punishment, you will not get shows/gigs or opportunities that will boost your career. The amount of backlash i received last year during my #Metoo campaign was just a tip on the iceberg the real problem was below and it seems like everybody wanted to cover it up and brush it off from their mind .

But why though??

Is it because you want to protect your career images in front of the the public or is it the stigma and sensitivity attached to it ,that people hate to talk about it as much in open places. For how long should it remain a sensitive issue and for how long should we women suffer in silence. However imaginary power differences is what the perpetrator will use on the victim and its always the case. The perpetrator has all that can seemingly make him a powerful opponent but in real life he needs you as desperately as you need him unless you are not TALENTED or you are just LAZY period. Ladies in the Arts Industry please let us believe in ourselves first before we need the world to believe in us ,if we believe in ourselves we gain much confidence which boost our dignity and worth in the game. We deserve the same treatment as to that given to males in the Industry we need to be RESPECTED and we need to be VALUED.


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