Getting To Know Dj Gerry Beats

Getting To Know Dj Gerry Beats

As an art maker, I aspire to create art of original, emotive and edifying quality, to be exhibited as well as value the uniqueness of any other DJ .My goal for 2018 still stands in 2019. I’ve also set several goals for other projects I have going on currently, some design-related, some not. I have to mention my music mix project, as both design related (I’ve created custom branding for it) and unrelated.As with most goals, it’s more based on taking the time to complete them. That’s where I’ve been struggling. I guess my ultimate goal then , is to find the time to complete my goals. I have managed to use music to express emotion and unify society were it is separated by defying issues.

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Gerald T Marangwanda (24), known by his professional name DJ GERRY BEATZ , is a Zimbabwean Gweru born  and bred in Harare DJ who currently stays in China where he is on the course of finishing his Economics degree.

This journey started back in 2010 in high school where we used to do school gigs and deejay for fun until then it turned into a passionate dream which I only realized later than the intended time. After high school I met some awesome djs which I later now call my brothers that’s Dollarbill,Icytat,Dj Walle, Seductive Gee & Iroq to mention a few. Given the opportunity I got chances to play at some popular spots in Harare which include Chez Ntemba, Mega 2, Wing Wah etc. I believe that what was the genesis of what is Dj Gerrybeatz .

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Currently affiliated with City Leap Entertaiment. He says, “ I am what I am…the unstoppable force of nature!!! All that I am is from God above”. Dj Gerrybeatz is a cool, calm and down-to-earth person – that is, until he hits the decks and gets the crowd jumping to serious thumping house beats. Dj Gerrybeatz has a reputation for being able to please a diverse crowd.As a Dj I don’t always play music to be creative or productive. Sometimes l play to heal and to process difficult emotions. Playing music has become a way for me to connect with my in the most intimate way possible, either by confronting myself or observing yourself. I believe in myself by being the Dj as healer of self.




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