Dynamite with Big Dreams: Phreshy

Dynamite with Big Dreams: Phreshy

Female rappers in Zimbabwe are few but recently the number has been seen increasing. We caught with one, known with her stage name Phreshy and this is what she had to say about her journey…

Who is Phreshy and how did music save you?

My name is Precious Herschneider Frank but I am popularly known with the stage name Phreshy. I’m a 24-year-old Kwekwe based female rapper. Music saved me in the sense that I got an opportunity to express myself, to show people what I am capable of through my songs. I share my life experiences through music and a lot of people can relate to my music.

What makes you unique and what’s the story behind Phreshy?

What makes me unique is my realistic approach to hip hop and music in general. I write about things that happen on a daily basis hence many people can relate. I don’t sell dreams which most people do through music.

I started rapping in 2014. Was inspired by Nicki Minaj and Dj Naida. In high school, I was part of a group called Major Squad but I would mostly rap Nicki Minaj’s songs. In 2015 decided to go solo, I wrote and dropped my own tracks.

You pursued school before you pursued your passion. How hard was that for you?

I tried to push music and school at the same time but it was not easy. I was so committed to my studies than music. It was hard for me to drop a big project like an album or EP because of the pressure from my studies. With that, I would drop one or two singles and managed to create a small fanbase, just to remain in the game. I am now a Geography and Environmental Science graduate from Great Zimbabwe University, so now I am now focusing on my music. I am currently working on my first 8 track EP titled Muzambangwena.

You have gone all out and how has Define Ent made it easy for you as an artist?

Define Ent allows me to be in my creative space by dealing with business side whilst I focus on my music. I work with some of the best producers in Zimbabwe and I feel like ii keep getting better each time and I learn new things musically all the time.

You have an Ep on the way, tell us about it..

In 2018, I did not release any music because it was my final year at school. I had so much pressure. Tich encouraged me to work on an EP, I hesitated at first then later realized it was high time I worked on a big project. My life experience EP titled ‘Muzambangwena’ is derived from the Musambangwena tree. This tree is a very special tree because it always stands strong and firm in any situation or condition. I saw myself relating to this tree because I have managed to pull through all situations, good or bad hence I am Muzambangwena jus like the Musambangwena tree. The Ep talks about my family, my successes, my failures, my dreams, my relationships, and heartbreaks. I am confident that many people will relate to this Ep. This Ep will drop at the end of July, the date is yet to be announced.

Listen to Married by Phreshy ft Kikky Badass

Listen to Married


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