7 Lessons from Nipsey Hussle

7 Lessons from Nipsey Hussle

We wake up to the news that Nipsey Hussle is dead shot by an unidentified shooter. How I wished this was some April fools day but who can play with death like that. This guy who came up as an indie artist which is a dream to some but he lived and owned the term with pride. He learned early that he was his own salvation none was coming to save him or he will never make it. I got introduced to his music by a friend saying this Mc is a storyteller and hustler, of course, that’s my type rap something from the gut

He left us lessons that future creatives will continue to use as an blueprint so its important that we document it so that those on the come up might know what to do and avoid.

1.   Hustle-mania:
You will learn the secrets to the game on your way up. Most folk want to skip the press when you skip steps , you miss the lessons.

2.    Own it :
Isn’t it cool to be in the club spending all this money , having cars , jewelry but you don’t own any real estate ? a fourplex ?If the the answer is no , you you’re not a real hustler.

3.   Entrepreneurship:

the new mindset is we don’t want advances , we want equity .We don’t want once off endorsements , we want ownership, black capital business model built around cultural currency. They develop the platform ,implement structure and bring us in to raise value.

4.   Cutting the middle man :
own the supply chain from production to consumption. People take shots at Jay Z but he’s the first black artist to have a vertically integrated business model where he owns the whole chain.

5.  Creative Power:
I created 1000 mix-tapes and charged 100 for each because I understood the economic principle of scarcity. The profit funded my independent label

7. Owning the Land :
I own the block where u sued to hustle from 8 am to 10 pm . I hustled , then I rented , now David Gross and me will own in Crenshaw


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