6 Must Have For Artist In 2019

6 Must Have For Artist In 2019

I know we have gone through the first hundred days what have you achieved this first quarter well it have been a good year for us here. We have seen the rise of consumers of our content has been reshared and we have been featured In a couple of online newspapers and blogs which is always a good thing right ? Enough about use let talk about you for a moment shall we. I have come up with 6 important things an artist needs in this year to break out and break even . Artists/Creatives need to start treating their craft as a business and have a business model to support it

  1. Website/landing page

A website a home where your own online presence lives and people can visit and see what are you up to what have you done before. Something which will help you pitch to marketers, brand managers and promoters. Website shows people/bussiness how serious you’re as an artist it’s the modern day portfolio people will just see everything a quickly . Also you need a personilised email for your bookings and enquiries  


Might sound basic be its not you need a well customized channel with a good content and also use content ID to protect your intellectual property from vulture who will make money of your creations.  Copyrighting means you only can eat of your creation and even someone uploads on their own channel them not a get a cent from your creation (vanodya pawakariam Havana rudo newe kana ka1). Ask people to subscribe to your channel, like and comments help your channel to be recommend to other users.


Creating an instagram account is pretty easy because almost everyone has a Facebook account which automatically means you have one, once inside change it into a business account this will help you grow faster when people search for a keyword i.e. Zimbabwean musicians your name will pop out. instagram is great for promos and visual content push because it’s people want see that nayway .  Please don’t post pics taken from useless phone we are building a brand and selling an image so you do it well. A feature you must take advance of the insta stories very important let people into your daily lifestyle. Also the new IGTv post videos there be creative Soul jah Love has so many hit video there in 2019 than his songs.

 4.Facebook Page

Well this a must which you must use and link it to your instagram for cross platform sharing. Create a content calander what time must you post and which time does most your audience get online.  After posting your content share it to your timeline this will help you to charter the converson back to your page which what sells to brands. Engage people don’t be a celebreity be human   

Zviri pachena.


Having a conversion and joining the trending topics of the day show people you have a mid which be raptoir building someone might not know your music but will know you through your tweets and be converted into a fan . Seed or start hashtags useful to your brand equity show marketer and brand managers you can help them with their marketing goals through disruptive thinking (great for conversation and seeding hashtag campaigns, plus every brand that will pay you will as for such)

6. A person for Digital

 Well you might be saying this way above me to create strategy for all these platforms .  That’s where we came in as  Mumhanzi media we will do all 5 for you and tell you when to  post and what time to do it . We have a team of expricence digital marketers and online strategist .We can create and host your website we do that in few days you will have your site and customized emails ready to use .


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