3 Things You May Not Have Known About Photoshoots

Photoshoots for Zimbabwean Artists

Professionally done photo shoots give the artist many options in their use and placement, never undermine a professional photographer who can direct different shots and poses which can be used in different campaigns and portfolios .Media companies used to have photographers taking pictures of upcoming artists the system have changed we now have blogs and social media they require professional picture quality [HD] to accompany a story or a feature .

1. Album Art

Days are  long gone for lifeless CD covers now people want something that is appealing and engaging as they get captivated by the artwork .Attention lifespan on social media is than 5 seconds before someone scrolls past your post or your music so you might as well use pictures to be used in the design which can capture attention
album art Zimbabwe: afrow zenda maskiri

2. Newspapers/Blogs

it’s now a prerequisite to attach your photos with a press release on the email so they choose which one portrays with storyline and narrative being sold by the writer . Music has grown from the amateurs who don’t know how to pitch for their story to be featured on a blog or in the newspaper they receive lets eighty or more pitches per day from different creative’s to be featured in the arts section which is about 3 pages or less so picture (quality) will give you a head start.

Vuyo brown newspaper article

3. Profile or Biography


You are pitching for an endorsement deal, record deal or just a performance you’re asked to submit a profile or bio. A well articulated profile without good quality pictures to accompany it’s incomplete. People are more captivated by visual aids so your pictures must be able to sell you as a personality or a star in the making. How many billboards have you seen or changed your mind about a product when you just see a picture? So why don’t you start now to investing in a photo shoot which will benefit your career !!

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