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Seh Calaz The Bold One

We had a chance to sit-down with one of Zimdancehall’s firebrands. A ghetto champion, a man who has entered the industry with controversy who has stood tall with best with talent backing him and hard work. Being a ghetto kid and breaking out of the norms, how difficult is it to stay on top?   It’s […]

Music Business Secrets

I know how hard you guys work and I, for one applaud your efforts. However, there are some key beneficial points that you should know. Firstly a song(s) only contribute a small percentage towards making you a bankable act. Now let me dive deeper, this is only for people that want to eat off of […]

How to Build a Fanbase

How to build fan list As an artist you need to know how to market your music and persuade people who consume the content to become fans. How big your social media is doesn’t matter that much than the number of WhatsAppemail contacts that you have. Having people, you can send your work and news […]

6 Must Have For Artist In 2019

I know we have gone through the first hundred days what have you achieved this first quarter well it have been a good year for us here. We have seen the rise of consumers of our content has been reshared and we have been featured In a couple of online newspapers and blogs which is […]

Dynamite with Big Dreams: Phreshy

Female rappers in Zimbabwe are few but recently the number has been seen increasing. We caught with one, known with her stage name Phreshy and this is what she had to say about her journey...


I have moved into places and spaces a lot and constantly I hear people say my brand this my, brand that. What is a brand anyway? A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Brands are used in business, […]

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Be Seen by the media by an audience go viral Be Heard
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